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Jeanette Cheshire

Lovely shop run by lovely lady who has a great eye for everything shabby chic, and great wallpaper discussion thanks! Glad to think we actually remembered each other from University of Portsmouth back in 2008.

Deb Maidwell

A fabulous lil shop in a gorgeous part of Southsea. Great staff. A real gem. Love it.

Ruth Doughty

This little shop is a hidden gem. You will want to spend ages looking at all the beautiful items. In particular the hand painted furniture is amazing! The lady who owns the shop paints everything herself using Autentico chalk paints. The results are so unique and a must for anyone who wants to go shabby chic rather than filling the house with the uniform IKEA rubbish. She finds old items and lovingly restores them with a little magic dust. Furthermore, the prices are amazing!!! The little shop is tucked away on the most beautiful old street in Portsmouth which houses some fab restaurants and cafes and is within quick walking distance of the common and seafront. I am so happy to have found this shop and will be back to visit at every opportunity.

Geoff Spencer

Best shop I've been to in Portsmouth.

Neil Price

Eclectic but stylish furniture, oniments and nick nacks as well as thought provoking design ideas. Well worth going out of your way to visit, but a must if you're in the area!

Kathy Iles

This is a wonderful little shop, full of interesting and beautiful items for the home and garden. An excellent place for an unusual gift or to treat yourself to something pretty. I can't wait to visit again.

Bespoke Decorative Finishes

Gorgeous little shop full of interesting and unique things. Wonderful service, the lady who owns it is so nice and helpful! It's on a great street and definitely worth a visit.

Dorothea Heath

Lots of choice in this super shop. Vintage furniture through to knick-knacks - and all top quality. The painted furniture all has a first class finish. Small, but beautifully formed.

Kim Jones

Fantastic 'customer-focused' service and so many lovely things to covert and buy! Our house is about to become a showcase for Lorraine's talents! Thankyou.